St Anne’s, Hessenford

St Anne’s, Hessenford was built in 1832 as a district chapel-of-ease in St Germans parish to serve the growing population in Hessenford. It was consecrated on 26th September 1833. In 1871 it was rebuilt as a church, in the early English style and has a fine barrel-vaulted roof. The church now comprises chancel, nave, aisles, with a small tower and spire. It did not contain a bell, so the church became renowned for its shotgun weddings because a volley was fired in lieu of a peal.

The stained west window is a memorial to a Mrs Abraham. The registers date from 1832.

The parish of Hessenford is in the St Germans Registration District, and has been since 1st July 1837.

Both the church and its setting are wonderfully beautiful and calming. It is suggested visitors leave their cars near the Copley Arms before walking up the hill by the side of the pub. The churchyard is adjacent but very high up on the NE side.

St Anne’s Church, Hessenford and Hessenford Hall

St Anne’s has one regular Sunday church service on the 2nd Sunday of each month. This is supplemented with additional services at special times of the Church year. Up to date details are on the monthly newsletter, Group Parish website and on the Church and Village notice boards. Services are usually at 9.30am unless stated otherwise. There is a regular parish prayer service in St Anne’s every Thursday morning at 9.30am which is a time of peaceful reflection for anyone who wants to attend. Sunday services take place in Hessenford Hall from January to the end of February.

Church Hall


Hire charges – £12 for a morning, afternoon or evening session with sensible reductions for short periods.

The Hall, like the Church, is properly insured by Ecclesiastical and this includes personal accident insurance providing bookings are regulated and approved by the PCC; to make sure that the activities are covered  by the policy. This is why we have a simple on-line booking system to keep a track of everything that is going on. Click on this link to book the Hall or call Fiona on 01503 241008 if this is too much hassle. If you wish to use the Hall for something that is not normally recognised you will be advised to take out your own insurance cover.

Hall Committee

The Committee is listed below. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to take on a position on the committee so if you would like to influence what goes on and contribute please let one of us know:

Chair: Nigel Sylvester-Thorne

Secretary: Rob Humphreys

Treasurer/Bookings: Fiona Bristow

Member: Dave Moore